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Dear animal friend,

The fighting bulls need your help now! Enough is enough. All Europeans must unite to banish bull fighting and its related forms of killing and torturing for fun.

On Wednesday October 22nd the EU Parliament will discuss the wrongful yearly subsidy of 129 million Euros for the bull fighting industry. The suffering bulls and horses used in such performances need your help TODAY.

This vote on Wednesday October 22nd is crucial for next years policies! So we must and will achieve a major victory guarding these animals from suffering.

We ask you to write a letter to the Members of European Parliament (MEP's) representing your country. Where possible we offer sample letters in EU languages and the relevant email addresses for most of your MEP's. We encourage sending a personalized message in your own language for higher impact.

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Welcome EU-citizens!

Current European rules state that animals should not suffer from pain, injury, fear or distress. However, the European Union supports the bullfight-industry with 129 million euros of EU-subsidies every year! It is morally and legally wrong that our tax money is spent on financing animal abuse, let alone under an agricultural pretext and it has to stop. Bullfighting is no better than abusing children, women or the elderly; and we do not subsidize that either.

Bullfighting is a systematic torture and killing of unsuspecting animals. It is cruel and senseless and as taxpayers and human beings we take no part in it!

Next to fights terrorizing bulls, there are 'runs' and 'slaughter feasts' with bulls, where civilians slaughter animals out in the open and where bulls, horses and also citizens get hurt and killed in bloody massacre. Bulls (and horses) are maimed and killed in Spain, Portugal, France, the Canary Islands and the Azores.

Before being terrorized and killed in the arena, bulls destined to be killed in bullfights, spend days in dark enclosures where they are subjected to various kinds of abuse to destroy their strength even pepper in their eyes and genitals. Horses are blindfolded during bullfights and unabled to react on attacks. Abusing animals and charging money to witness them being tortured to death is an act of disgrace and violence, and should be treated as a criminal act!

As said before, our action NOW is crucial! An earlier amendment submitted by a member of the European Parliament to act according to European regulation and STOP these EU-subsidies on bull-fighting was rejected by the EU's Budget Committee(!?) This time, in the plenary session of October the complete European Parliament will have to vote on amendment 6334, submitted by MEP Bas Eickhout to stop EU-subsidies on bullfighting! So as Europeans we have to let our voices be represented by our own national MEP's.


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The bulls need you now!  Click here to help them today!